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The Legal Lali

Law Journal of The Office of The Attorney-General

The Legal Lali is the Law Journal of the Office of the Attorney-General. The Journal is published biannually in June and in December of every year. Currently, it is the only Law Journal or Law Review in Fiji. The Legal Lali was first published as a Bulletin in December 1998. The Office has successfully continued to publish two issues of the Legal Lali every year.

Over the years, a number of eminent writers have contributed to the Journal, including Lord Cooke of Thorndon, Sir Timoci Tuivaga, Sir Moti Tikaram, H.E. Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi, Chief Justice Mr. Daniel Fatiaki, Justice Nazhat Shameem, Justice Jai Ram Reddy, Sir Thomas Eichelbaum, and Mr. Satya N. Nandan.

For any requests or queries in relation to the Legal Lali, please contact: The Editor of the Legal Lali, Mr. Sharvada Sharma, at the Office of the Attorney-General, 7th Floor, Suvavou House, Suva.

Volume I Number 1 - December 1998

  • Tales of The Pacific - Nick Barnes
  • Parliamentary Counsels Office - Rupeni Nawaqakuta
  • Legal Aid Project in Fiji
  • Fiji Law Reform Commission
  • Implication of Natural Justice into The Public Service (Constitution) Regulation 1990:“ A View - Savenaca Banuve
  • The Small Birds Act - Daniel Singh

Volume II Number 1 - June 1999

  • Judicial Ethics: Accountability of Judicial Officers Sir Timoci Tuivaga
  • The Commission on The Prerogative of Mercy and The Constitution Nick Barnes
  • The Challenges of Independence Rabo Matebalavu
  • WIPO National Seminar On Intellectual Property Protection For Development S. Banuve
  • A Report on The Meeting of Commonwealth Law Ministers Alipate Qetaki
  • A Will From The 1860s John Wilson

Volume II Number 2 -“ December 1999

  • Advocacy at The Appellate Level Sir Moti Tikaram
  • Children and Poverty Professor Mere Pulea
  • A Report of The 18th Pacific Islands Law Offices Meeting, Madang, Papua New Guinea 11-15 October 1999 Josaia K Naigulevu
  • The 12th Commonwealth Law Conference- Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 13-16 September 1999 S. Banuve
  • The Army Legal Services Sai Navoti
  • Some Reflections on The 1997 Constitution Nainendra Nand

Volume III Number 1 -“ June 2000

  • Courts of Final Appeal : The Pacific Way Lord Cooke of Thorndon
  • The Legal Aspects of Prudential Supervision of Licensed Financial Institutions in Fiji Mohammed Ahmadu
  • The Role of Law and Human Rights in Strategies and Policies on HIV/AIDS Miles Young
  • The Office of the Public Legal Advisors Laisa Laveti

Volume III Number 2 -“ December 2000

  • The Role of Human Rights Commissions in the Protection and Promotion of Human Rights Justice Sailosi Kepa
  • After the Recent Turmoil, Could Leases be Frustrated? Sue Farren
  • Expectation, Resources, & Health Care Wame Baravilala
  • The Land Transport Act 1998 and its Changes Semesa Karavaki
  • The Right to be Honourable on Land Issues Kitione Vuataki

Volume IV No. 1 -“ June 2001

  • Courts and Revolution -“ Republic of Fiji & The Attorney General v Chandrika Prasad Janmai Jay Udit
  • Multilateral Standard Setting in Fiji Savenaca Banuve
  • The Process of Mediation And Its Popularity Suruj Sharma
  • The Public Law-Private Law Divide in Fiji Courts: A Review of Recent Authorities Janmai Jay Udit & Sharvada Sharma
  • The Duty of Schools and Teachers to Provide Adequate Supervision Anare Tuilevuka
  • The Employment Act and Seizure of Secured Assets of an Employer to Settle Outstanding Wages Sunil Kumar
  • Understanding the Copyright Act 1999 Alimi Adamu
  • Corporate Governance : Public Enterprise Reform in Fiji Isireli Vesikula
  • Asia Crime Prevention Foundation : Activities for Prosperity Without Crime in Asia and the Pacific Viniana Mcgoon

Volume IV No. 2 -“ December 2001

  • The Reality of Agricultural Landlord and Tenant Act Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi
  • The Limits of Liability of Network Service Providers Professor Samatani
  • Media Reform Responsibilities and Obligations Justice Daniel V.Fatiaki
  • International Arbitration and the Pacific Islands Andrew Hazeiton
  • Are Our Industrial Relations Dispute Resolutions Process Adequate? John Semisi
  • The Legal Framework for Reform of Public Enterprises William Calanchini

Volume V No. 1 -“ June 2002

  • A Tribute to Sir Moti Tikaram
  • Death Penalty: A Human Rights Perspective Dr. Shaista Shameem
  • Existing Laws & The Offence of Treason Nainendra Nand & Sharvada Sharma
  • Ocean Governance in the South Pacific: Challenges and Constraints in the Implementation of the Law of the Sea Transform Aqorau
  • Military Courts-Martial Kiniviliame Keteca
  • Asia Pacific Group on Money Laundering: Mutual Evaluation on the Republic of the Fiji Islands Alipate Qetaki

Volume V No. 2 -“ December 2002

  • Looking Back at Aspects of My Tenure in Office as Chief Justice of Fiji Sir Timoci Tuivaga
  • Sentencing Principles Nazhat Shameem
  • Sports Law In Fiji Peter Knight
  • Reminiscing on My Experiences, Legal Constraints & Potential for Growth in the Fiji Prisons Service Aisea Taoka
  • Corporal Punishment in Schools Joseva Raikadrka
  • Combating Terrorism Luke Daunivalu
  • The Role Of Customary Law & the Courts System in Fiji Viliame Nadakuitavuki

Volume VI No. 1 -“ June 2003

  • The Legal Aid Commission: Constitutional Challenges & Developments Makereta Waqavonovono
  • Industrial Relation Law in Fiji & the Need for Reform John Semisi
  • Legal Practitioners Conflict of Interest G P Shankar
  • Challenges and Problems of Legislative Drafting in the Fiji Islands Rupeni Nawaqakuta
  • The Interface Sports and Law - The 2003 South Pacific Games (Indicia And Images) Protection Act 2002 Savenaca Banuve
  • Fiji Law Reform Commission- 2003 & Beyond Alipate Qetaki

Volume VI No. 2 -“ December 2003

  • Advocacy in the Fiji Court of Appeal Sir Thomas Eichelbaum
  • Judicial Independence Chief Justice, Mr. Daniel Fatiaki
  • Constitutional Litigation -“ Lessons Learnt Nainendra Nand
  • Extradition Act 2003 Justice Nazhat Shameem
  • Code of Conduct -“ Practical Implications Walter Rigamoto
  • Selected Areas of Reform in Assessment of Damages for Personal Injury Janmai Jay Udit
  • Constitutional Redress: A (Human Rights) Practitioner's Perspective Shaista Shameem
  • Arbitration Law -“ The Need for Reform John Semisi

Volume VII No. 1 -“ June 2004

  • International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda: An Introduction Justice Jai Ram Reddy
  • Mareva Injunction -“ Jurisdictional History and Development Janmai Jay Udit & Mereseini Vuniwaqa
  • Bills of Rights in Private Litigation - A Comparative Overview Sharvada Sharma
  • Constitutional Validity of 1987 Revolution Decrees Suruj Sharma
  • Kava (Piper Methesticum) & Benefit Sharing Eliesa B S Tuiloma
  • Outstanding Issues from the Tarakinikini Litigation William Calanchini
  • The Role of the Legal Advisor in the United Nations Mission Asenaca Uluiviti
  • International and Non-International Armed Conflicts: Legal Significance of the Traditional Distinction Ulaiasi Baya

Volume VII No. 2 -“ December 2004

  • The Shipment of Nuclear Material Through the Pacific Ocean: Seeking Advance Assurance of Support in a Non-Release Incident Coroline E. Forter
  • Contempt of Court Nazhat Shameem
  • Counter Terrorism and the Law -“ The Continuing Need to Maintain a Balance Savenaca Banuve
  • The WTO Dispute Settlement Mechanism: A Developing Country Perspective Isikeli Mataitoga
  • Rules of Professional Conduct & Practice - A Perspective from the Private Bar Graham Leung
  • Trade Union & Dispute Resolution Processes in the Employment Relationz Bill 2004 Taito Waqa
  • Brief Overview of Aspects of the Family Law Act Mere Pulea
  • Innovative Features & Challenges of the Family Law Act Sakiusa Rabuka
  • When Should Children be Heard in Our Courts? Separate Representation for Children Under the Family Law Act Makereta Waqavonovono

Volume VIII No. 1 -“ June 2005

  • A Perspective on the Work of the International Seabed Authority Satya N Nandan
  • Rules of Professional Conduct and Practice - A Public/Government Lawyer's Perspective Nainendra Nand
  • Fiji's Claim to an Extended Continental Shelf Savenaca Banuve
  • Restitution upon Reversal of Judgment Mereseini Vuniwaqa & Kamni Naidu
  • Local Authorities - A Brief Overview Tanya M Waqanika
  • Cross-Examination in Judicial Review Janmai Jay Udit & Kamini Naidu
  • The Thrills & Spills of Tax Law Micheal Scott
  • Experiences in Legislative Drafting in the Fiji Islands Heather Holt
  • Law Revision Alipate Qetaki

Volume VIII No. 2 December 2005

  • New Rules Hon. Mr. Justice R. J. Coventry
  • Order 53 in Fiji - Practice, Procedure & Cases Nainendra Nand
  • Implications of Broadbridge: Should Damages for Future Loss be Capped? Jay Udit
  • To Reconcile or Not to Reconcile? Lisa Gowing
  • Some Recent Developments in Customary Ownership of Resources in Fiji Kitione Vuataki
  • Environmental Protection in the Trade Development Arena - The WTO Regime Luke Daunivalu
  • Legal Aspects of Electronic Conveyancing and Electronic Land Registry in Fiji: Challenges and Prosepcts Dr. Mohammed Ahmadu

Volume IX No. 1 June 2006

  • Some Thoughts for Fiji on Alternative Dispute Resolution Hon Sir Ian Barker QC
  • Constitutional Litigation - Living with the 1997 Constitution Nainendra Nand
  • The Prem Singh Case and the Jurisdiction of the Court of Disputed Returns Savenaca Banuve
  • Due Publicity: Fiji's Continental Shelf & Exclusive Economic Zones Sainavalati Navoti
  • Sentencing in Rape Cases Suruj Sharma
  • Battered Woman Syndrome: A Fiji Case Study Barbara Malimali
  • Infrastructure Funding - Public Private Partnerships Ropate Green Lomavatu
  • People Smuggling and Illegal Immigrants in Fiji Sofia Shah

Volume IX No. 2 December 2006

  • Some Principles of Advocacy Hon. Justice John Connors 
  • One Pacific Court Hon. Justice Gerard Winter 
  • Computer Documents and Admissibility in Criminal Proceedings Ajmal Gulab Kham 
  • The Right to Legal Representation and the Provision of Legal Assistance : Finding the Right Balance Filimoni Vosarogo 
  • Film-Making and Audio Visual Incentives in Fiji : A Brief Overview Barbara Malimali
  • Trade, Intellectual Property and Traditional Knowledge in Fiji and its Pacific Neighbours Eliesa Tuiloma 
  • Fiji's Maritime Boundaries : The Need for Certainty Pio Manoa