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Law Revision

The revision of the laws of Fiji is one of the top priorities of the Office of the Attorney-General. The last law revision edition stated the authoritative law as at end of 1985. Almost 20 years has passed and no further consolidation or revision has taken place. The current edition (1985 Edition) contains 14 black volumes and 9,531 pages of the Laws of Fiji. At present it is not possible to estimate the number of volumes or pages that will be produced at the end of the revision exercise.

Governing Legislation

Consolidated Volumes of the Laws of FijiThe revision of the laws in Fiji is governed by the Revised Edition of the Laws Act of 1971. The Act provides for the periodic revision of the laws of Fiji and matters incidental thereto. It provides for the appointment of a Commissioner; the functions of the Commissioner and other important aspects for the proper carrying out of the law revision work. Section 10(1) states: "The Attorney-General may, by notice in the Gazette approve the revised edition and order that the revised edition shall come into operation on such date as he may specify in such notification."

The Revised Edition of the laws is a authoritative statement of the law - "from the effective date the revised edition shall be deemed to be and shall be without any question whatsoever the sole and proper law of Fiji in respect of all written law contained therein," - Section 10(2).

A Major Undertaking

On 28th February, 2003 a "Preliminary Project Outline" was prepared mainly for the purpose of identifying critical operational aspects of the law revision work, the purpose of law revision, and highlighting the role of information technology in this process.

The Law Revision project is a major undertaking. Proper planning in all stages to lay the solid foundation necessary for an exercise of this nature is vital to its success.

Its success will depend also on the focussed input by the Law Revision Commissioner, Legal Officers and Technical and Support staff. The Revised Edition of the Laws Act will need to be reviewed and amended. The end result of the law revision work is the availability and accessibility of current laws to all citizens and others at a reasonable cost.