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Copyright Tribunal

The Copyright Act 1999 came into force in full on 1st July 2000. The Act enables compliance with International Conventions and Agreements. It is administered by the Office of the Attorney-General. The Act aims to stimulate economic activity by protecting the labours of local producers of literary, dramatic, musical and artistic works. Furthermore, the Act implements the international obligation of the Fiji Islands under various Copyright Conventions. Although no permanent institution or administration establishment was in place prior to the Copyright Act 1999, Section 202 of the Act provides for the establishment of the Copyright Tribunal.

Copyright Books The Tribunal is set up under Part II of the Act dealing with its establishment, appointment, jurisdiction and its procedures. The objective of setting up the Tribunal is to prevent copyright owners abusing what may be regarded in law as monopoly or near monopoly power in their dealings with those who may wish to be licensed to exploit their copyright work. The control by the Tribunal only applies to a situation where there is a licensing body and a licensing scheme established by the owners of the copyright who may refuse to join a collecting body. If the individual refuses to grant a license for the exploitation of his work, the Tribunal does not have the jurisdiction to interfere.

The Copyright Tribunal Rules of Procedure 2003 are available for download from this website.