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About the Office of the Attorney General

The Office of the Attorney-General serves the public of Fiji by providing essential legal expertise and support to the Government of Fiji, in the accomplishment of Government's overall strategic objective of "Rebuilding Confidence for Stability and Growth for a Peaceful and Prosperous Fiji."

The Offices of the Attorney-General and the Solicitor-General are established under the Constitution of Fiji. The Attorney-General is the Chief Legal Advisor to the Government. He is assisted by the Solicitor-General, who is the Chief Executive Officer of the Ministry.

The Office comprises of various Divisions, which administer various statutes assigned to the Attorney-General. These include the Attorney-General's Chambers (commonly known as the State or Crown Law Office), Fiji Law Reform Commission, Law Revision Commission, Legal Aid Commission, Commission on the Prerogative of Mercy, Copyright Tribunal, Hotel & Guest Houses Licensing Board, Central Liquor Board, Board of Legal Education, and Costs Review Committee.

The Attorney-General's Chambers is a one stop-shop for the provision of litigation, advocacy, legislative drafting and legal advisory services to the Executive, Parliament, Government Ministries and Department and other Statutory bodies in all areas of law, save for criminal prosecutions.